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Throttle Stop Valve,dual-action Throttle Stop Valve

Products design features:
1.This valve is a new type of throttling, cut-off and venting product. This valve adopts cage labyrinth throttling design, with multi-stage throttling effect, obvious throttling effect, reliable sealing and convenient operation and maintenance.
2.The valve adopts double seal (hard seal, soft seal), which is reliable in sealing, and the cemented carbide sealing surface can be more resistant to airflow erosion and wear resistance. The double seal can achieve zero leakage under the condition of high pressure gas medium. Valves last longer.
3.The sealing surface of the valve seat adopts a tapered seal, which is beneficial to the valve itself to clean the dirt attached to the sealing surface.
4.A balance hole is set on the disc of the valve. The piston seal ensures stable operation under the condition of full pressure difference between opening and closing, light and flexible opening and small opening and closing torque.
5.The throttling cut-off vent valve and the double-acting throttling have the functions of throttling and cut-off (zero leakage of the seal) at the same time, and the throttling part is separated from the sealing surface to reduce the erosion of the air flow to the seal.
6.The double-acting throttling globe valve also has a multi-stage throttling function, and the throttling pressure difference is large, which can be suitable for throttling and blocking under high pressure.
7.The packing adopts a V-shaped packing structure with self-sealing ability, which is not constantly adjusted. It is extremely easy to open and close. There is an auxiliary sealing grease injection structure at the stuffing box. Make the valve packing sealing performance reliable.
8.The valve can be repaired online, and the pipeline can be replaced with a series of wearing parts such as packing under pressure.
9.The valve is equipped with a large sewage hole at the bottom of the valve, which can be opened when necessary to clean the dirt in the valve.
  • Throttle Stop Valve,dual-action Throttle Stop Valve


  • Throttle Stop Valve,dual-action Throttle Stop Valve