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(Iron and steel phosphating is mainly used for corrosion protection and paint bottom film. )

  • To enhance the adhesion between the coating layer (such as the coating) and the product, so that the coating layer is not easy to fall off.
  • To improve the corrosion resistance of the coating on the surface of the workpiece after painting. Improve decoration. Improve the wear resistance of the workpiece.
  • It makes the product lubricated in the process of installation and use.
  • The corrosion resistance of the product is improved.


Moulding powder spraying is the use of corona discharge phenomenon to make the powder coating adsorb on the workpiece. The process is as follows: the powder coating is fed into the spray gun by compressed air gas from the powder supply system, and the high voltage generated by the high voltage electrostatic generator is added at the front of the spray gun. Due to the corona discharge, a dense electric charge is produced near it, and when the powder is ejected from the muzzle, to form charged paint particles. Under the action of electrostatic force, it is absorbed to the workpiece opposite to its polarity, and with the increase of powder sprayed, the more charge accumulates. When it reaches a certain thickness, it will not continue to absorb because of electrostatic repulsion, so that the whole workpiece can get a certain thickness of powder coating, and then the powder will be melted, flattened and solidified by heating, that is, a hard coating film will be formed on the surface of the workpiece. No thinning, no pollution to the environment, no toxicity to the human body; excellent appearance quality of the coating, strong adhesion and mechanical strength; short curing time in spraying construction; corrosion and wear resistance of the coating is much higher, and the flow phenomenon common in the painting process will not occur in the process of electrostatic powder spraying.
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