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Imetllm 's Development goal in Valve Industry

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Valve is an important fluid control equipment in industry, and it is also an important basic equipment in industrial production.

After 25 years of development, Dinghong Technology Development (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd., the production base of Imetllm Machinery parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has been quite mature in the field of valve R & D and casting.

At the same time, it is worth noting that at present, the competition in the valve industry is mainly the competition of low-end products, and the informal competition means are disturbing the development of the market and causing great harm to the valve manufacturing industry.

Therefore, Imetllm Machinery parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. actively cooperates with scientific research institutes and universities, taking product technological innovation, product quality and safety and product brand competition as the company's development direction. at the same time, the products develop in the direction of high technology, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance and long life.

Imetllm is also active in the market and customer demand, by providing a single variety of products to provide customers with complete sets of equipment, to provide a full range of solutions.

It is believed that Imetllm Machinery parts (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. can develop better with the continuous progress of industrial science and technology, and become a more high-end brand in the valve industry.


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