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Cryogenic ball valve

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Tips for daily use of cryogenic ball valves

When using valve products, users must pay attention to the relevant maintenance methods in the later application of the ball valve. The valve device is different from some other products. There are many types of environments in its application, which are likely to be affected by the environment, such as sealing, loosening or corrosion. The following is a detailed introduction to the daily maintenance tips of the cryogenic ball valve.

Method ①: Prevent rust and remove rust on time

In daily use, pay attention to ensure that the relevant environment is dry, and clean up the clogged parts of the channels at both ends. If the low-temperature ball valve is stored for a long time and does not work, please check the parts on it. If there is dirt on it, apply some anti-rust oil after cleaning. Check the low-temperature ball valve before each installation and use. The main inspection item is the sealing surface. Wear, valve stem and thread wear. If there is no problem, you can open it and use it normally.

Method ②: accurate sealing performance test

After the cryogenic ball valve is opened, a sealing performance test should be carried out first. Especially for the ball valve in operation, pay more attention to the integrity and fluency of each component, especially the flange threads and the bolts on the bracket. If the threads are intact and there is no looseness, you can open the operation. During the entire operation, pay attention Install the corresponding protective cover on the valve stem to keep the entire cryogenic ball valve scale clear and complete, so as to keep the cryogenic ball valve stable in use.

In short, in the routine maintenance of the cryogenic ball valve, excessive clearance is not allowed, and attention must be paid to the integrity of the entire pneumatic accessories. Especially during the installation process, all the insulation jackets should not have dents or cracks, and more importantly, some heavy objects should not be pressed down during the movement.

In addition, when purchasing such products, we should also purchase better quality ball valves to provide a good safety guarantee for production and life.

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