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Various types of gear reducers  

Among the four series of gear reducers, gear reducers include R series, F series and K series. The S series can barely be regarded as a gear reducer. It is customary to call the S series reducer a helical gear-turbine reducer. Let's list all the models of these types of reducers today.

1 R series coaxial gear reducer

GR foot installation helical gear reducer, GRX foot installation single-stage helical gear installation, GRXF flange installation single-stage installation, GRF flange installation, GR...F foot flange installation, GRZ is B14 flange installation. The R series reducer has these six forms, which can be combined to form models similar to GR17, GRX27, GRXF37, etc., which is to match the basic model of the reducer with a digital model, similar to RXF57-42-Y80-4-M1, R57- 52-Y80-4-M1, RX57-62-Y80-4-M1, RF57-72-Y80-4-M1. They use the basic model + digital model + reduction ratio + motor model (frame number) + motor pole number + installation position to form a lot of combinations.

F series parallel shaft reducer

The basic types of parallel shaft reducers are as follows: GF foot-mounted parallel shaft-helical gear reducer, GFA...B foot hollow shaft installation, GFV...B foot spline hollow shaft installation, GFA Hollow shaft installation, GFV spline hollow shaft installation, GFAF is B5 flange hollow shaft installation, GFVF is B5 flange spline hollow shaft installation, GFAZ is B14 flange installation, GFVZ is B14 flange spline hollow shaft installation, GFF is B5 Flange installation, GFH...B foot hollow shaft locking disk installation, GFH is hollow shaft locking disk installation, GFHF is B5 flange hollow shaft locking disk installation, GFHZ is B14 flange hollow shaft locking disk installation . The models they can form are similar to F47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FA47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FF47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FH47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FV47-28.8- Y71-4-M2, FAF47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FVF47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHF47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FAZ47-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHZ47-28.8- Y71-4-M2, FVZ47-28.8-Y71-4-M2

F57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FA57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FF57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FH57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FV57-28.8-Y71-4-M2 FAF57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FVF57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHF57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FAZ57-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHZ57-28.8-Y71-4-M2 FVZ57-28.8-Y71-4-M2

F67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FA67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FF67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FH67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FV67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FAF67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FVF67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHF67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FAZ67-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHZ67-28.8-Y71-4-M2 FVZ67-28.8-Y71-4-M2

F77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FA77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FF77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FH77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FV77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FAF77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FVF77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHF77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FAZ77-28.8-Y71-4-M2, FHZ77-28.8-Y71-4-M2 FVZ77-28.8-Y71-4-M2

K series bevel gear reducer

GK... helical bevel gear reducer with foot mounting, GKA...B helical gear reducer with foot hollow shaft, GKV..B foot spline hollow shaft, GKH..B foot hollow shaft locking Disk installation, GKF is B5 flange installation, GKAF is B5 flange hollow shaft installation, GKVF is B5 flange spline hollow shaft, GKHF is B5 flange hollow shaft locking disk, GKA hollow shaft, GKV spline hollow shaft, GKH Hollow shaft locking disk, GKT hollow shaft torsion arm installation, GKAZ is installed with B14 flange hollow shaft, GKVZ is B14 flange spline hollow shaft installation, GKHZ is B14 flange hollow shaft locking disk. This basic type is a bit more, and the hollow shaft occupies most of it. There are also many models of this type of reducer.

K77-68.8-Y90-6-M4, KA77-56.8-Y90-6-M4, KF77-58.6-Y90-6-M4, KH77-58.1-Y90-6-M4, KV77-52.8-Y90-6-M4, KAF77-54.6-Y90-6-M4, KHF77-55.66-Y90-6-M4, KVF77-52.2-Y90-6-M4, KAZ77-53.8-Y90-6-M4, KHZ77-54.6-Y90-6-M4, KVZ77-55.8-Y90-6-M4

K87-78.8-Y90-6-M4, KA87-76.8-Y90-6-M4, KF87-68.6-Y90-6-M4, KH87-68.1-Y90-6-M4, KV87-62.8-Y90-6-M4, KAF87-64.6-Y90-6-M4, KHF87-66.66-Y90-6-M4, KVF87-62.2-Y90-6-M4, KAZ87-63.8-Y90-6-M4, KHZ87-64.6-Y90-6-M4, KVZ87-65.8-Y90-6-M4

K97-88.8-Y90-6-M4, KA97-86.8-Y90-6-M4, KF97-78.6-Y90-6-M4, KH97-78.1-Y90-6-M4, KV97-72.8-Y90-6-M4, KAF97-74.6-Y90-6-M4, KHF97-77.66-Y90-6-M4, KVF97-72.2-Y90-6-M4, KAZ97-73.8-Y90-6-M4, KHZ97-74.6-Y90-6-M4, KVZ97-75.8-Y90-6-M4

K107-98.8-Y90-6-M4, KA107-96.8-Y90-6-M4, KF107-88.6-Y90-6-M4, KH107-88.1-Y90-6-M4, KV107-82.8-Y90-6-M4, KAF107-84.6-Y90-6-M4, KHF107-88.66-Y90-6-M4, KVF107-82.2-Y90-6-M4, KAZ107-83.8-Y90-6-M4, KHZ107-84.6-Y90-6-M4, KVZ107-85.8-Y90-6-M4

S series helical gear-turbine reducer

There are 8 basic model versions of this worm gear reducer. Including GS foot-mounted helical gear-turbine reducer, GSA hollow shaft mounted helical gear-turbine worm reducer, GSAF is B5 flange mounting style, GSAZ is B14 flange hollow shaft mounting, GSF is B5 flange mounting helical gear reducer Machine, GSH is a hollow shaft locking disk installation, GSHF is a B5 flange hollow shaft locking disk installation, and GSHZ is a B14 flange hollow shaft locking disk installation.

S77-60-Y100-4-M3, SF77-20-Y100-4-M3, SA77-20-Y100-4-M3, SH77-20-Y100-4-M3, SAF77-20-Y100-4-M3, SHF77-20-Y100-4-M3, SAZ77-20-Y100-4-M3, SHZ77-20-Y100-4-M3

S87-70-Y100-4-M3, SF87-20-Y100-4-M3, SA87-20-Y100-4-M3, SH87-20-Y100-4-M3, SAF87-20-Y100-4-M3, SHF87-20-Y100-4-M3, SAZ87-20-Y100-4-M3, SHZ87-20-Y100-4-M3

S97-80-Y100-4-M3, SF97-20-Y100-4-M3, SA97-20-Y100-4-M3, SH97-20-Y100-4-M3, SAF97-20-Y100-4-M3, SHF97-20-Y100-4-M3, SAZ97-20-Y100-4-M3, SHZ97-20-Y100-4-M3

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