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Ball valve classification Detailed introduction of parts

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Ball valves are the most common products in different industries and are often used to cut off the flow of pipeline media. The following is a classification of several commonly used ball valves, and a detailed explanation of ball valve parts


sealing pair always meets the sealing requirements.

As shown in figure e, the mating end face of the valve body adopts a concave-convex static seal to prevent the sealing material from failing due to cold flow and erosion by the medium.

As shown in Figure F, the valve stem is equipped with a locking device, which can be locked in places where it is not allowed to operate without approval in important positions.

As shown in figure g, according to user requirements, set up a fire protection device (floating ball), if a fire occurs, the valve seat will burn out, the ball will automatically shift, and the passage will be closed.

As shown in figure h, the tubular ball valve is a device that guarantees two-way sealing.

As shown in figure i, when an abnormal pressure rise occurs in the cavity of the valve body, the spring on the valve seat device is compressed and the pressure can be automatically relieved to ensure safety. When abnormal pressure rise occurs in the cavity of the valve body, the pressure on the valve seat device

The spring is compressed and can automatically release pressure to ensure safety.

As shown in figure j, the elastic seat of the metal-sealed ball valve uses materials with high compressibility and rebound rate to compensate for the expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes.

As shown in figure k, the valve seat adopts a double ring with a unisexual lip seal, with low operating torque and reliable sealing.

The picture below shows one-piece ball valve, two-piece ball valve, three-piece ball valve, wafer type ball valve, socket-welded ball valve, waterproof fixed ball valve, two-way sealed fixed ball valve, screw lift rod ball valve, guided groove lift rod ball valve Several typical ball valve structures


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