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Quality First Production Principle  

As the production staff rooted in iMETLLM production line for a long time, iMETLLM staff insist on focusing on the technical difficulties in the production process to solve the urgent technical problems in the production process.

Due to structural reasons, check valve products always have the situation of low qualification rate in low temperature test and large amount of rework. To this end, technical engineers in-depth production site, through the analysis of structural characteristics, the valve seat improvement process, to minimize the impact of thermal impact on the shape of the valve seat in the welding process. Through many times test validation process stability, and successfully solve the key technology in the production of such products, "bottleneck" problem, will increase the qualified rate of the low temperature test from 30% to 90%, greatly reduce the production cost, shorten the production cycle, to solve the scene of the production product backlog can't delivery on time, many problems for the oil market improved.

Small-caliber ball valve has a broad market in LNG new energy. Due to the difficulty of large number of orders and short delivery time, traditional production technology has been unable to meet the demand of such orders. Technical personnel through analysis, in the valve body processing and the introduction of improved technology application, the successful use of turning instead of boring processing; In the assembly stage, innovative design of new ball installation scheme, and equipped with special tooling. Make the assembly operation simple, constantly improve the operability of the scheme, so that the production efficiency of the machine increased by nearly 50%.

Facing the rapid development of manufacturing technology, iMETLLM technicians focus on the application of intelligent manufacturing technology in the production process of valves.

Over the years, imetllm employees have been working to improve valves and have a wide range of customers and high quality reviews in valve markets and applications around the world.

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