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Ball valve selection

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Ball valve selection

In all types of ball valve, rubber fluorine ball valve is not steel, yet it has good performance at the time of use because, so is well received by the users a lot, especially in the erection of the pipeline of chemical industry, pesticide, dye and so on, it has very good application, it is because these are conveying pipeline itself are stronger corrosion characteristics, So the general steel ball valve can not meet its corrosive requirements.

And this fluorine lined ball valve is not, because it is better corrosion resistance, of course, in addition to the performance of this aspect, there is also a good sealing, because the plastic material itself has a certain advantage in the sealing, good corrosion resistance, this is the most fundamental requirements of ball valve.

And these two requirements it can also be very good to achieve, so although it in the whole material selection above and general ball valve has a certain difference, but in performance and life above but far higher than other ball valves.

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