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Ball Valve

① It has the lowest flow resistance (actually 0);
②Because it will not get stuck during work (when there is no lubricant), it can be reliably used in corrosive media and low boiling point liquids;
③In a larger pressure and temperature range, it can achieve complete sealing;
④ Fast opening and closing can be realized, and the opening and closing time of some structures is only 0.05~0.1s to ensure that it can be used in the automation system of the test bench. When opening and closing the valve quickly, there is no shock in operation;
⑤The spherical closure can be automatically positioned on the boundary position;
⑥The working medium is reliably sealed on both sides;
⑦When fully open and fully closed, the sealing surface of the ball and the valve seat is isolated from the medium, so the medium passing through the valve at high speed will not cause the erosion of the sealing surface;
⑧Compact structure and light weight, it can be considered as the most reasonable valve structure for cryogenic medium system;
⑨The valve body is symmetrical, especially the welded valve body structure, which can withstand the stress from the pipeline well;
⑩The closing piece can withstand the high pressure difference when it is closed.
The ball valve with a fully welded body can be directly buried in the ground, so that the internal parts of the valve are not corroded, and the maximum service life can be up to 30 years. It is the most ideal valve for oil and natural gas pipelines.